Cristiano Ronaldo issued a written apology on his Instagram account on Saturday after appearing to slap a mobile phone from a fan’s hand hours earlier.

The incident occurred as Ronaldo walked off the pitch at Everton’s Goodison Park after his Manchester United side were beaten 1-0.

As he made his way back to the locker rooms, Ronaldo had to walk past some Everton fans at close proximity.

It was reported by Sky Sports shortly after the incident that United were investigating, but Ronaldo decided to comment publicly before his club.

Ronaldo posted his apology around eight hours after the incident, which he described as an “outburst”.

He did not confirm or deny that he had broken or damaged the phone of the fan in question.

But he offered them a free trip to Old Trafford… even though they support Everton.

Ronaldo’s apology in full read: “It’s never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments such as the one we are facing.

“Nevertheless, we always have to be respectful, patient and set the example for all the youngsters who love the beautiful game.

“I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this supporter to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair-play and sportsmanship.”

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