The betting landscape can be likened to a jungle when you first start.

So many teams, so many games, so many markets, so many events to choose from.

You’re spoilt for choice with different events and possibilities.

In the beginning, some terms will look new because it is a completely new dimension.

Some terms are transferred from football so they’ll be pretty straightforward. However, some will come as you gain more experience in the betting field.

Here are some popular terms that you will come into contact with as soon as you start your betting journey:

Action: Brace yourself for some specific questions from your betting friends the moment you start. A friend could ask you what your action is on a game. This just means what betting action are you taking on that game?

Added Game: People usually place bets on more popular games in high quality leagues. However an added game is a game from a very low division which you would barely find in the betting sports book.

Agent: Agents are guys who work for local bookies or offshore websites that often handle collections and recruiting for bookmakers. They are typically paid on commission.

Arbitrage: Utilizing the betting market to place wagers on two sides of a market to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome. This is also known as “surebetting”, “scalping”, or “arbing” for short.

ATS: Acronym for “Against the Spread”. This is normally utilized to cite a team’s performance against the oddsmakers’ closing lines.

Bankroll: A specific amount of money that has been put aside to use on sports betting or other gambling games.

Betslip: This contains the number of games wagered on. The individual bets on a slip combine to get the total odds.

Bookie: This is a slang term for an illegal sportsbook or bookmaker.

Bookmaker: Technical term for a person or establishment that accepts wagers. Bookmaker is used more in European markets.

Handicapper: A person trying to predict the winner or outcome of a sporting event.

Handicapping: An attempt to predict the outcome of sporting events.

Handle: Similar to exposure. The amount of money you have in wagers. A sportsbook can show your handle over a specific period.

Live betting: This refers to markets that are available during the game and are updated in real time.

Odds: The likely of certain outcomes expressed in betting markets.

Over: A bet on the oddsmakers’ total that the points scored in the game will go above the projected number scored.

Under: A bet on the oddsmakers’ total that the points scored in the game will go below the projected number scored.