Sports betting has quickly evolved ever since emerging on the global stage. Various steps have been taking to ensure the process is more convenient and efficient. Initially, punters were required to place their bets in person with sheets of paper. However, latest trends have led to most betting companies moving into the digital space. Currently, 70% of sports bettors place their bets on smartphones. The avenues which they use are mobile apps. However, the different apps saturating the market have their advantages and disadvantages. Our betting experts have looked at these betting apps and provided comprehensive reviews:

Android or iOS: Which one do betting apps work on better?

Functionally, there is no significant difference between betting apps which are used on Android and IOS phones. The two operating systems provide the best platform for these betting apps. At the end of the day, it is down to how well you know your device. A betting app for Androids won’t function on an iPhone and vice versa. Therefore, be sure to know your device so you download the corresponding app. In our comprehensive reviews of the best betting apps, we give you further information on the different providers and which devices they are compatible with. If you use an Android, you can’t download betting apps from the Google Play Store because it isn’t allowed. You would have download the app directly from the betting provider. You can get them from the provider’s website and download the APK files.

Is a mobile betting bonus available?

The number of sports bettors migrating from their computers to mobile phones is increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, a number of sports betting providers have created mobile apps. This means measures are being taken by the respective providers to make their app the most attractive. One way they do that is through mobile betting bonus.

With a Mobile Betting Bonus you can not only test the sports betting app with a bonus, you can also wager your winnings conveniently on the go. Basically the mobile betting bonus is mostly the same as the bonus offered on the desktop version, but some providers offer their customers an additional bonus when they use the app. We explain which providers give mobile app bonus and how much in our review.

Is the mobile website better than the betting app?

Which is better: an optimized website or a betting app? There are advantages for both sides. With a website, you have more accessibility because whether you are using an Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry system, you can access the mobile betting offer at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

You also need connection to the internet with a betting app. The downside is that most betting providers have one app for either Android betting or iOS betting. Therefore, as a Windows or BlackBerry user, you are limited and end up using the website. However, if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you enjoy the full benefits of the betting apps without barriers.
With betting apps, there usually fewer difficulties when trying to sign in. Depositing and withdrawals are often smoother and the whole app feels much faster.

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