Betway Bonus


One common factor why people choose company A over company B in the betting industry is who offers more.


Betting bonus is a perfect way to gain competitive advantage over rivals in the industry.


Welcome bonus


For Betway, their bonus system is premium and new customers receive 50% of their maiden deposit as free bet.


Essentially, if you create a new Betway account and deposit 120 cedis, you’ll get 60 cedis free bet that you can use to stake on any event.


A little disclaimer is that there’s a limit on the amount of free bet you can receive which is 200 cedis.


How to receive your welcome bonus at Betway


  • Sign up an fill relevant details
  • Login and make your first deposit
  • Once you make your first deposit, you’ll get 50% in free bets.
  • Free bets cannot be withdrawn so you can only use it to stake bets in Betway.


Here are some requirements needed to use your Betway welcome bonus


There are certain conditions you have to fulfill in order to use the Betway welcome bonus. Failure to meet these conditions will deny access the free bet.


  • You have to place a bet at least thrice as valuable as your first deposit.
  • The bets can only be staked on jackpot or sports.
  • The bets must be staked on events which are at least three odds.
  • New customers have 30 days to meet these requirements before they can unlock the Betway welcome bonus.


Money Back Boost


With Betway you can count your lucky stars because even when you lose, you can still win.


It can be very frustrating when you shake a multi bet with various events only for it to be ruined by just one event.


With Betway, there is margin for error through the money back boost. You can get up to 20 times your initial bet even if one event fails in your multi bet. The more matches you add to your multi bet slip, the more stake refund you receive.


However, there are some conditions which allows you to qualify for the money back boost.


Number of events in multi bet Minimum odds per event Refund
6-10 1.5 100% stake refund
11-15 1.3 200% stake refund
16-20 1.3 10 times stake refund
21 or more 1.3 20 times stake refund


Only bet slips that lose by one selection will qualify for a bet refund. Free Bets are not considered for money back boost.


Win Boost


Your winning at Betway could be even made sweeter. You can boost your winnings by up to 150%. The more events you add to your multi bet, the higher your win boost.


To qualify, you just have to add two or more events with odds of at least 1.3 to your multi bet. With two events in your bet slip, you get a 3% win boost.


However as you increase the number of events, the win boost could rise up 150% which is the limit.


To get a 150% win boost, you’ll need to win a multi bet with at least 40 games.


4 to score 


Each game week, Betway choose four games and you’ll have the chance to predict the player who you think will score the first goal in each of the four games.


There’s an option of no goal scorer if you do believe there’ll be no goals in a particular game.


Your first attempt at 4 to score is free and you just have to make predictions before the round closes.


If you have no idea which player to choose, you can use the Random Generator by clicking the Random Pick button.


Winning the 4 to score will give you a chance of winning 50,000 Ghana cedis from Betway.


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