SoccaBet bonus


SoccaBet unlike other betting companies does not offer a welcome bonus for new customers.


However, they still have several promotions for their customers.




SoccaBonus is an accumulator bonus that is given to customers for adding more events to their multi bet.


To qualify for this bonus, your multi bet must have at least two events. The total odds in the multi bet should be 1.30.


To get more SoccaBonus, The more games you add to your accumulator, the bigger your SoccaBonus. If you add up to 30 matches, you will get a 100% bonus. That means your potential winnings will be doubled by SoccaBet!

This bonus works according to the following formula:


Number of events in multi bet Bonus won
2 3%
3 5%
4 7%
5 8%
6-10 10%
11-15 15%
16-20 25%
21-25 50%
26-30 100%


If you stake 200 cedis on a 10-game multi bet with 10 odds and win, you’ll ended up with 2200 instead of 2,000 because of SoccaBonus.


SoccaBonus is available for all sports on the SoccaBet sportsbook.




It’s heartbreaking to spend hours arranging the perfect accumulator, just for it to be ruined by the last game on the slip.


With Soccabet, it is different because they understand how painful that experience can be.


The good news is that SoccaChance gives you another chance. Although you don’t get your potential winnings, you get three times your stake back.


An amazing way to compensate heartbroken customers. Even though you lose, you still feel like a winner.


So if you place a bet with 50 cedis and expected to win 500 cedis. If one game ruins your accumulator, you’ll still walk away with 150 cedis. Not bad right?


A very generous offer from Soccabet but it also comes with some conditions.


In order to benefit from SoccaChance, you must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • You need at least 10 events in your multi bet.
  • Each event must have at 1.3 odds at the time of stake
  • Any voided/postponed/no bet games are not considered for SoccaChance