In life we all make mistakes. However, it is important to learn from those mistakes. It is even more important to pre-empt these mistakes in the first place.


The world of betting applies these principles. There are some misconceptions on how to put yourself in the best position to win.


This isn’t a manual on how not to fail in betting. This is a guideline of some certain things you can avoid in your infant stages of betting to make sure you enjoy your betting experience.


If you are new to the betting scene or you’re a season better who nothing seems to go your way, then here’s a short article on some common betting mistakes you might be making.

Betting with your emotions


Betting is a game where you need 100% objectivity to stand a good chance of winning. There is zero room for subjectivity and opinions.


To succeed long term, you must detach your emotions from betting. For instance, the golden rule is not to factor the team you support when it comes to your bet slip. This is because of the natural affinity you have to them. The bias most often casts a shadow on any form of objectivity.


For example, if you’re an Arsenal fan, it’ll be difficult for you bet Arsenal will lose against Manchester City although the records suggest different. You will always have hope your team can pull a surprise.


Therefore, it advisable to completely leave teams you’re emotional attached to out of your betting slip.

Betting beyond your means


The golden rule in betting is always to bet money you can ‘afford’ to lose. Never go in too hard and stand the risk of losing everything.


If you have 100 cedis, you can use a spoil portion of it – about 10%, to place a bet so you don’t feel too hurt if you lose.


Imagine risking all the 100 cedis and ending up with nothing? Betting can be very cruel but you can reduce your risks and possible losses.


Always remember to bet an amount which won’t disorient your finances if you lose.

Chasing a loss


Betting is a game of chance. You either win or you lose. You need to come into betting with the mindset that you will lose some bets.


Once you embrace that, you won’t feel you have to revenge your loses. That’s why it’s important not to bet high amounts of money so you don’t feel the urge to chase your losses.


Chasing a loss can be very dangerous because you become desperate, and all sense of objectivity can go missing.


In that state, you are vulnerable to losing more bets whilst chasing the initial one.


Once you lose too bets, take a short break, and clear your head instead of chasing losses.

Betting on a sport you don’t know


Quite often, people like to try new things. But in betting, it isn’t advisable to try new sports especially if you aren’t an expert in them.


The key is to know a sport inside out, so you increase your chances of winning. Don’t just bet on basketball because everyone else is.


You need to understand the rules and follow the latest trends in basketball to be able to make confident predictions.


You don’t have to be an expert, but at least know the basics, the athletes, and the rules so you can have more authority.

Not having a reason to bet


Don’t just get into betting because your friends are betting. It is key to start betting because of a fundamental reason. Is it to make profits? Or it is to understand the sport better?


Whatever the case, make sure you have a good reason, so you aren’t loss halfway through your journey.


Betting can be fun, but you need to remember exactly why you are doing it.

Not researching


Researching helps a lot when it comes to sports betting because it gives you the required knowledge to make more informed decisions.


You need to pit odds from different websites against each other to know who is offering more.


There are thousands of odds on the markets and the more you understand them, the more variety in bets.


Someone can just bet on who wins a game, but someone else who researches more can see when a particular team scores their goals and rather opt to bet on that. Such a bet is more informed by data and increases your chances of winning.

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