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Get your feet on the ground for the next match. We will keep you educated about the latest football happenings both international and in Ghana to give you a better idea of what to bet on.

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The best betting tips for the World Cup in Qatar.

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Find the best betting providers with BestBets. Compare the different providers and get a free bonus when signing up.

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About BestBets

We have betting experts who ensure our users from Ghana get the best betting tips for games. As at now, our focus is solely on football betting. Our team carefully analyses football games and provide you with accurate betting predictions which will help you make betting profitable. Aside our betting tips, we also provide odds from bookmakers and statistics to help you make good decisions. Our detailed match reports for big matches across Europe will be available prior to the games.

Correct Score and Betting Predictions

At Correct Score and Betting Predictions, we not only provide news and important information, but we also offer betting predictions for the biggest games in every league. We analyze the best quotes from every provider so you can get the most out of your bet. We look at a variety of factors to make our predictions, including team form, head-to-head records, and player fitness levels. With our predictions, you can make informed decisions about which bets to place.

Betting Provider Reviews

If you’re looking for the best betting providers, then you’ll want to read our reviews. We only recommend the best providers that offer the best service and deals. For example, many of our top picks offer a free sign up bonus when you create an account. This gives you extra money to play with and increase your chances of winning. So be sure to check out our reviews before signing up with a betting provider.

Available Games and Leagues

We provide quotes and predictions for the most important football games and leagues, both local and international. This includes games from the World Cup, AFCON, Champions League, and Europa League. We have a team of experts who closely follow each game and league to give you the best possible predictions.


Our betting tips are safe but not 100% safe. Football is still a game of chance and what we do is to help you increase your chances of winning. Our tips are well researched but at the end of the day you make the decision. We present you with viable predictions which could happen in a match and you have to make sure you agree before you go through with it.